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Food you MUST stop consuming if you suffer from Chronic Pain

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It might catch you by surprise, but believe it or not there are very extremely common and unfortunately delicious things you must stop eating if you suffer from chronic pain.  Pay attention to the following list and help yourself to some pain relief just by avoiding these:

  1. Sweetened Drinks

All that sugar in your Coca Cola or in your Frappuccino will send your blood sugar to the roof and immediately impact your nervous system in a negative way. When your body undergoes this process, it interrupts the healing process and makes the pain worse.

  1. Products made of Flour

These types of products are pretty much the same as sugar. When you eat bread, pizza, pastries, pasta and other yummy stuff made of flour, your body breaks them into simple sugars as soon as they hit your digestive system so in the end, you will impact your nervous system again with all that sugar. It might be hard to avoid these because of how good they are but you will do yourself a big favor.

  1. The Majority of Fried Food

Try as much as you can to eat healthy homemade food. When you go to a restaurant the majority of the food is thrown into deep fryers with processed vegetable oil. This type of oil contains high dosages of inflammatory omega 6. You can be sure that after you indulge, your pain and inflammation will burst your bubble and make you regret what you ate.

  1. Sweet Cereal

If you are going to have a bowl of your favorite sugary cereal for breakfast you might as well drink a 16 oz soda. Believe it or not, that bowl contains much more sugar than a soda. The box might mislead you into making you believe that despite the sugar it is still a healthy cereal, so make sure you read the label on the back for nutritional info.

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